Norell Prosthetics Orthotics prides itself on achieving positive patient outcomes with every patient we come in contact with.  We believe a progressive approach and attention to detail is critical when it comes to assisting patients and the care they receive.  Our Directors of Patient Care, Practitioners and Office Admin Staff ensure all amputee patients are fully educated and know what to expect throughout their entire continuum of care.


 From the community ambulator to the active athlete, it is our goal to help each patient maximize their quality of life.

AMPUTEE SUPPORT JOIN ME!!! A show for amputees and those affected by limb-loss. Provide help to empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential. A show to assists our listeners with challenges, opportunities, or difficulties they might be facing. A show that offers insight and anecdotal experience in similar events and challenges faced by the listener...and for both of us to learn something new every show.

Our Team, Our Patients

Athletic Program

  • Taylor, Wow! Aren’t you and Ian just wonderful! Thank you so much for your hard work and caring for our patients today. You have made a bit difference to their lives just by sharing your expertise today. Let me know what I can do to help things move along. Most sincerely,
    Kylie E Rowe PT, DPT Assistant Professor Department of Physical Therapy Thomas J Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of the Pacific
  • Thank you so much for the video. This is Trevor Pegg, David Pegg's son. We were able to have a family dinner together Christmas day and he he walked into my mom's house on his own two feet. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    Trevor Pegg
  • Fantastic work, thanks so very much. It means so much to him and he's had nothing but high praise for his relationship with his prosthetic team.
    Sally Twesten
  • Taylor I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything you did for Geordie today. I haven't seen him this uplifted in weeks. Thanks so much for the practical advice. It is so good for him to talk to a peer. You sure are suited to your job!
  • This company is amazing! They have gone above and beyond in making cervical braces for my 15 month old. Their customer service is amazing. We love Mike Norell, he is dedicated to his craft. It's because of his dedication that Abby is walking just a couple months after having her cervical spine fused. Great Company!
    Tiffany R.
  • Norell Prosthetics has provided me with a leg prosthesis that I have now worn for over two years. I am pleased with the professional and pleasant manner of the staff. Many thanks to you all.
    Sharon L.
  • Norell offers an extensive product line and friendly service. Susan was very helpful and she took the time to ensure fit of the prosthesis. Thanks!!!
  • Susan was very easy to work with. She made my experience at Norell a very positive one. I highly recommend her expertise.
    Sally K.
  • Susan, A few words of thanks. You have made me feel so comfortable over the years while being fitted. I left your office again today knowing I looked my best thanks to your expertise, humor and warmth a pleasant experience.
  • After my chemo sessions were over, my insurance company sent me to a prosthetic company, here in the Bay Area, to fit for a right breast prosthetic and bras. I arrived at the office and they made me feel as if I was wasting their time. Leaving that office, I felt like it was my fault that I had breast cancer. No compassion at all. The next time I was due for new bras, I had a different insurance. After looking online for the closest prosthetic company, praying to God it wasn't the first place I went to, I came upon Norell Prosthetics in Mountain View, CA! And OH MY GAWD.....what a difference it was from the first place I went to!! The whole staff at Norell was so friendly, so understanding and fun! Their products were by far more fashionable, comfortable and modern. They make you feel so welcome and don't let you leave until you are totally satisfied! I am back to my original insurance but I refuse to go to the "cold" office and I am paying out of pocket, but it is well worth it!
    Kelly K.
  • Patient call in | I just received a call from patient Mary Paradise who had nothing but nice things to say about Kirk Wilson. She started by saying he's a hoot and she continued to tell me about her negative past experiences with doctors and providers, and that none of them were as great as Kirk nor did any of them make her comfortable like Kirk did during her evaluation. She went on to say that she believes she's finally found somebody who can help her walk and she's grateful to be able to work with us. This patient was concerned about how she would be treated, so thank you Kirk for truly making a connection with this patient and setting us apart!
    Mary Paradise
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